Welcome to the Matt Martino Street Team! What’s a street team, you ask? How do I join, you wonder? What do I have to do, you wish to inquire?

Well here’s how it works:
Many artists have “street teams” to help with some of the important, day-to-day tasks that are ABSOLUTELY VITAL to the success of the artist, but are too big or too time consuming or just not appropriate for the artist to do themselves. Common tasks that a street team member might be asked to do are: email friends about upcoming shows, leave a review of a CD or performance on a music related website or blog about the artist in some way.  Each of these tasks is assigned a point value and those points can be accrued and redeemed for rewards or prizes. Sound simple enough?

When enough points have been saved by doing these tasks, most street teams reward their members with things like artist t-shirts, bumper stickers, free downloads, etc. The Matt Martino Street Team will do that too…but we won’t stop there. We plan to reward our faithful street team members with much, much more. 
We decided that it might be more fun for our members to have more options for rewards other than the standard window stickers and t-shirts. For example:
How would you like to see Dennis Lee mow your yard? Or how about an autographed picture of Matt Martino enjoying a burrito? Does your car need to be washed?  Save up enough points and Dennis and Matt will do it. But that’s just the beginning…

We will generously reward our most dedicated street team members. For those that help the most we will offer free hotels in the cities we play on the night of our shows. We will offer gift certificates and coupons to restaurants. And who knows what else! That’s the beauty of being a street team member….it’s a TEAM! And if you have an idea you think will help or something you would like to see, share it!  Jen, our noble and omnipotent street team president is here to answer all your questions and help in any way.

>> Download the list of tasks, point values and rewards

So stop reading and sign up now

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